A "full" RPG Adventure where combat is done with a single button.

Fight a variety of enemies as you make your way through the game, going through a bunch of all-nighter inspired crappy dialogue. If you make it through, you might even make it to the boss at the end of the game!

All assets (music, sprite work, ect.) was made during the jam by me. Even though that stuff isn't exactly the point of the GMTK Jam, I hope you enjoy the game's music and the random extra details I put in all the same!


Windows Executable (Best quality)

Install instructions

If possible, use the Windows executable. The game doesn't want to agree with HTML at the moment, and in the browser there are some sound/visual issues (but nothing too crazy).


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I really like this game! You have an excellent voice, the books that save your game being relentlessly cheerful really made my day, and the combat gets pretty frentic with the addition of fireballs!

I really enjoyed all the dialogue and the details. Loved the game

Also the save book that talks about not having arms doesn't say "Your game has been saved"